Sunday, December 9, 2007

Welcome to Stringed Cans!

It's a long way from San Franciso to Paris, and even that much farther from Winnipeg.
With this blog I hope to span some distance and share with you my experience in France, and even beyond.
The show and tell will include topics like food (surprise!), history, etymology, architecture, etc. etc. In other words most anything that seems interesting enough to talk about.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to comment and ask questions.
Cheers to keeping the lines of communication open!


Ed Park said...

Cool :)

El Presidente said...

Hey Jool!

Hoping to see all kinds of interesting things to discuss (but of course!), bicycles and or bicycling, literature, and possibly fashion. Thats my wishlist.

See ya!

Amanda said...

That photo is soooo supremely lovely. Exactly how I day dream each and every moment of Paris would be.

Amanda said...

PS: You know we're all waiting for photos and juicy descriptions of your holiday dinner(s)!

: )

Amanda said...

Sure would like to live in Paris vicariously through you and some nice photos of local markets and bakeries etc....mmmm mmm!