Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Almost famous

B is finally published, but not for his prowess in the architectural world, formidable as it may be... No, he is featured in a section of a food magazine in France called Gault Millau for his paella. Is funny, no? The reason for all this is because his friend, Worlseung Choi, has been in the works of developing a book called "La cuisine de mes amis" where he travels around the world and photographs meals made by his friends. He also contributes to Gault Millau and the magazine decided to feature parts of his book. So, voilĂ , 15 minutes of fame. The accompanying article is a hoot, but in french. Let me know if you'd like to read a copy of it...


Bridgette said...

That is so cool! David will be jealous, as he is such a paella connoisseur, I'm sure he wishes that he was the one being published. Congratulations you two! XO

El Presidente said...

Hello JP!

Congrats to your hubbie for being published. I know the joy...ahhhh...the day the Winnipeg Free Press published my book review...good times! And someday I hope to try the paella!

As for you young lady...I got a little surprise in the mail. And nearly peed my pants laughing in the local post office! I can't really express how funny it was but even harder would be expressing how much I appreciated who it came from. Love ya' Julie! And miss ya'!